Why I love Writing

I have had, as well as, do have lots of hobbies in my life. Some of my hobbies do range from reading to cooking to collecting porcelain dolls and angels to browsing at flea markets.

I also love music a great deal and singing at karaoke places. However, no interests to me, is as commanding as is writing. Why writing? The answer is a very simple and heartfelt one to give. I love writing with a passion. Because writing allows me to use my imagination, to open up doors, which I usually don’t open up on the average. I can look inside of myself and search for things to write about that peak my interest.

Writing is definitely my main interest among all interests. Why does writing have such a fierce stronghold over me? The answer to this question is not hard to explain. It is what it is. I just love doing it. It offers me a new and interesting challenge every day.

If I had to do a review of something that I am definitely the most passionate about. It would be about writing and the happiness that it does bring to my life. I may be facing a bad day or even bad news. Nevertheless, when I know I can pick up a pen and write, immediately it fills my heart with true delight.

I can get past the bad with the help of the good and this good is writing. Writing is my muse on the loose. I’m so happy that it is a part of my life. I hope it will always be a part of my life to.

Life with the force of writing in it does complete me. I’ve never had anything this much to me before. Writing is indeed my world. Because I choose to make it my world freely and willingly, all the time.

The Secret To Business: Smile


We’ve all been there, standing in line to pay for our items, and the employee waiting on customers just couldn’t be any slower. You can tell they don’t want to be there and would rather be anywhere but working at this store. Many times I would just like to say to them “Smile”.

The best part of giving good customer service is to greet everyone with a smile. It’s true! When you greet customers with a smile and say hello, it calms both parties down relaxing the transaction. The smile also helps the other customers in line know that you are in a good mood and sets the positive feel of the store.

Common Sense

Whether people are having a good day or bad day, it’s very apparent.

The way they walk; shoulders up high or shrugged, shuffling feet or stepping quick

The way they act; laughing or sighing, nervous or calm

The way they talk; stern or kind, loud or soft, quick or slow

These are all signs that people in customer service should know how to spot and then react respectively.Although this may seem like common sense because, as human beings, we’ve been ‘reading’ people our whole lives, this just doesn’t compute with a lot of people.

We know when an angry person approaches us or if are they happy. It’s not that employees don’t want to give good customer service, it’s just that most people are not very happy in their personal lives these days. It’s a very difficult world now just to make ends meet, which is putting a negative strain of feelings in everyday living. It used to be just a few people you knew were having a rough time financially, but now everybody has a story.

Hiring for a Customer Service position

During an interview for a customer service representative position, both the applicant and interviewer should present an open atmosphere. Not everyone can be good at customer service and there will be signs during the interview. A shy attitude and very hesitant to talk are sure signs that this person would really struggle in having to interact with people constantly. Eager, confident people do best in customer service positions. How many times have you thought to yourself “How did this person get this job?” You’re right! They probably shouldn’t have been hired. But, don’t forget all the times you leftthe store thinking “they’re really good at their job!”

Know the job

It is the company’s responsibility to train employees, and train them well! Employees should have all the necessary information and knowledge of tools that are required before you are set out on your own. Statistics show that a 3 month probation period is an adequate amount of time to learn the position. The company should check-in on new employees during this time to answer any questions and have an “open-door” policy. Ensuring that the employee can ask questions freely and without judgment is showing up in the top five of why employees are not happy in their job. Employees were not trained in all aspects of the position and they did not feel they could go and talk to their manager freely.

When an employee knows the job and feels confident they can perform it well, they’ll have a better attitude at their job which leads to good customer service.

Customer service — an art and a science

One of the most indispensable elements of business activity is customer service because this plays a major part in the ability of the business to generate revenue. Unfortunately, good service is all too often missing in today’s business places. How does one provide it? This will be the central focus of this article.

How to provide the best possible customer service

The most common scenario is that of the customer who is looking for help. If treated with the respect that he or she deserves, he will have a more favorable disposition towards buying products or services from your company.

The ten commandments of good service to customers
Susan Friedmanh, founder of the Tradeshow Coach (thetradeshowcoach.com), has put together a list of ten commandments for good customer service on about.com. Here they are.

1) Know who is in charge

You are in business to serve the customers, not the other way around. That is what we mean when we say that “the customer is always right.” It is the customers who pay your salary and make it possible for you to stay in business. If you do, they will make it clear to you what they want.

2) Be a good listener

Ask them questions and listen to their body language and tone of voice, not just how they feel. Most of all, do not assume you know intuitively know what the customer wants; in fact, you need to…

3) Anticipate and identify the customer’s needs

Customers are buying solutions to problems, not products and services, and their needs are not logical, but rather emotional.

4) Make customers feel like they are important and appreciated

Treat them as individuals, addressing them by name if you know it.

5) Help customers to understand how you operate

Customers can get confused and angry if they do not understand how you do things.

6) Appreciate the power of the affirmative

Look for ways to help clients.

7) Know how to say sorry

This is something that customers really appreciate.

8) Give more than customers expect to have

Thank them even when they do not buy, and consider what you can give them that they cannot get elsewhere.

9) Get feedback regularly

Encourage customers to suggest ways of improving your service. Businesses hold customer surveys for the purpose.

10) Treat your employees well

They are your internal customers, and the respect shown them will reflect the way they in turn treat the clients.

There are other tips that you can follow, such as acknowledging the customer as soon as you can, making eye contact and talking to him or her in a friendly manner.

The customer is no option in a thriving business. He or she is what the business needs to survive; the kinds of companies that provide nothing but frustration and irritation for those looking for a solution to their problems are those that end up losing them to the competition and ultimately closing down for good.

Technology is Changing Customer Service – Here’s How

customer _service_technology
Business professionals often use sites like Facebook and Twitter to market their businesses. But most of them use sites like LinkedIn to develop relationships with different professionals they may want to work with.

However, due to growing need of business promotion across the world, there is an increasing number of social networking sites focused on meeting business people’s needs.

The Companies Who Get Customer Service Right

Several companies have come up with sites for entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals to network and learn new ideas. Some of these sites include:Biznik- Where entrepreneurs and small businesses help each other to succeed.Cmypitch- A business website for entrepreneurs from UK to access quotes, advice and more.Entrepreneur Connect- A community of entrepreneurs where professionals can network and collaborate with others.Fast Pitch- A social business network that enable professionals to market their businesses while making connections.

How To Hire The Perfect It Manager

The success of every business in this era largely depend on a well-organized technology structure. Technology can be a serious threat to your business if you don’t hire the perfect IT manager.
As an entrepreneur, you should opt to hire someone with relevant professional skills like CISCO alongside his/her academic qualification. This can be an indication that the fellow has gained enough knowledge and skills for designing, building, managing and troubleshooting computer networks.

In addition to computer networking, hardware, software and operating system skills are also relevant in evaluating a perfect manager. Other skills to be considered include problem solving, critical thinking, and communication skills.

Why You Should Always Be Learning

Having the freedom of time in self-development and knowledge acquisition would be decadent beyond measure. You should prefer to balance your living and learning to improve your life together with the lives of others.
Some of the benefits of continuous learning include making more money, keeping you emotionally healthy, keeping your brain strong till old age and having fun while engaging yourself to overcome boredom.