Technology is Changing Customer Service – Here’s How

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Business professionals often use sites like Facebook and Twitter to market their businesses. But most of them use sites like LinkedIn to develop relationships with different professionals they may want to work with.

However, due to growing need of business promotion across the world, there is an increasing number of social networking sites focused on meeting business people’s needs.

The Companies Who Get Customer Service Right

Several companies have come up with sites for entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals to network and learn new ideas. Some of these sites include:Biznik- Where entrepreneurs and small businesses help each other to succeed.Cmypitch- A business website for entrepreneurs from UK to access quotes, advice and more.Entrepreneur Connect- A community of entrepreneurs where professionals can network and collaborate with others.Fast Pitch- A social business network that enable professionals to market their businesses while making connections.

How To Hire The Perfect It Manager

The success of every business in this era largely depend on a well-organized technology structure. Technology can be a serious threat to your business if you don’t hire the perfect IT manager.
As an entrepreneur, you should opt to hire someone with relevant professional skills like CISCO alongside his/her academic qualification. This can be an indication that the fellow has gained enough knowledge and skills for designing, building, managing and troubleshooting computer networks.

In addition to computer networking, hardware, software and operating system skills are also relevant in evaluating a perfect manager. Other skills to be considered include problem solving, critical thinking, and communication skills.

Why You Should Always Be Learning

Having the freedom of time in self-development and knowledge acquisition would be decadent beyond measure. You should prefer to balance your living and learning to improve your life together with the lives of others.
Some of the benefits of continuous learning include making more money, keeping you emotionally healthy, keeping your brain strong till old age and having fun while engaging yourself to overcome boredom.